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The Allied Genetics Conference 2016
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Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics
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In July of 2016 we will convene the first joint meeting for researchers in Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics. Michael Lynch, former GSA President, has assembled organizers for this new conference which will have topics ranging from population genomics to molecular evolution to the dissection of the determinants of quantitative-trait variation, with equal emphasis placed on both model and non-model organisms across the Tree of Life. PEQ has a long history of both applied and theoretical research, and both will be an integral part of this meeting.

The intention here is to promote a strong cross-disciplinary network of colleagues performing both theoretical and empirical work. This year the meeting will consist of a series of short talks, poster sessions, and plenary talks, and will be dovetailed with the model-organism venues at TAGC to facilitate maximum interaction among those with similar conceptual interests. As many as 90 oral presentations will be delivered directly in the PEQ meeting, with dozens to hundreds of others with direct connections being given in the other model-organism sub-meetings. Time in the schedule will be set aside for the usual GSA-sponsored career-development workshops, including education-oriented, grant-writing, and networking sessions focused on strategies for building successful teaching methodologies and lasting collaborations.


Current Conference


Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference

July 13-17, 2016

Orlando World Center Marriott

Orlando, FL

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This meeting is a part of:

Bringing Genetics Together:

  • Unique jamboree of seven genetics and model organism communities
  • Access to a wide range of scientific sessions, networking opportunities, and more
  • Cross-cutting keynote sessions, workshops, and posters
  • Celebration of 100th anniversary of journal GENETICS
  • Affordable and accessible to all career stages

Future Conferences

To be announced following July 2016 conference