Fundraising Committee

Denise Montell (GSA Past President), University of California, Santa Barbara

Hugo Bellen (GSA President), Baylor College of Medicine/Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute

Swathi Arur, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jef Boeke, NYU Langone Medical Center

Jay Dunlap, Dartmouth Medical School

Marnie Halpern, Carnegie Institute of Washington

Joseph Heitman, Duke University

Phil Hieter, University of British Columbia

Mark Johnston, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Thomas Kaufman, Indiana University

Jeannie Lee, Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital

Terry Magnuson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Steven Munger, The Jackson Laboratory

Jasper Rine, University of California, Berkeley

Tracey DePellegrin (ex officio)

The Fundraising Committee leads efforts to attract donations to support GSA’s mission, including programs, services, awards, and grants.

The Annual Appeal was initiated to sustain and grow GSA’s programs and initiatives, such as travel awards, early career programs, publishing innovations, and making conferences more inclusive. This Appeal offers a mechanism for our professional community to give back to the field and to an organization that has positively impacted the lives and careers of thousands of scientists.