Conference Childcare Committee

Tânia Reis, Chair, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Julie Claycomb, University of Toronto

Sean Curran, University of Southern California

Rhea Datta, Hamilton College

Elisabeth Marnik, Husson University

Thomas Merritt, Laurentian University

Maureen Peters, Oberlin College

Madhumala Sadanandappa, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Gillian Stanfield, University of Utah

Sarah Bay, Staff Liaison

The Conference Childcare Committee assesses the current offerings for family support and childcare available at GSA Conferences. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for ways that GSA Conferences can better serve primary caregivers and make our meetings equitable. Explore fundraising opportunities that would allow GSA Conferences to expand childcare offerings. Clearly and explicitly communicate current and planned policies to GSA members and meeting attendees.

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Community Voices

Welcoming Children to TAGC 2020

Increasing support for parents in science means making conferences more child-friendly. Guest post by Elisabeth Marnik and Julie Claycomb, members of the GSA Conference Childcare Committee. The scientific community works on the cutting edge. We implement new techniques and methods as soon as we can with the understanding that—though there may be challenges along the […]

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by Guest Author

Community Voices

Survey on childcare needs at GSA Conferences

The Genetics Society of America is committed to increasing support for parents and caregivers who attend our conferences. As the Conference Childcare Committee, we’re asking for input from parents and caregivers in the community so that we can best meet your needs. This short survey should take less than ten minutes of your time, and […]

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by Editorial Staff

Community Voices

How can we make scientific conferences better for parents?

Guest post by Tânia Reis, Chair of GSA’s Conference Childcare Committee, on barriers to conference participation and how we can address them. I’m a Scientist. I’m a Mom. I couldn’t pick one over the other; half of me would be missing. I am lucky I have never had to choose. Yet, there were and are […]

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by Guest Author