Yeast Genetics Meeting

The Yeast Genetics Meeting is the premier meeting for students, postdoctoral scholars, research staff, and principal investigators studying various aspects of eukaryotic biology in yeast, a major experimental model for understanding human cell biology and mechanisms of human disease. This international meeting has a 40-year history and is held every two years in North America.

Upcoming Conferences

Yeast Genetics Meeting 2022

Location TBD

Late Summer 2022


Maitreya Dunham, University of Washington

Michael Knop, University of Heidelberg

Peter Stirling, British Columbia Cancer Agency

Past Conferences

2020: The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) Online
2018: Stanford, CA
2016: Orlando, FL
2014: Seattle, WA
2012: Princeton, NJ
2010: Vancouver, British Columbia
2008: Toronto, Ontario
2006: Princeton, NJ
2004: Seattle, WA
2002: Madison, WI
2000: Seattle, WA