TAGC 2020 Online

The Allied Genetics Conference

April 22–25, 2020 | Anywhere and everywhere

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We're going virtual!

Stay connected while keeping your distance at TAGC 2020 Online! Although we were disappointed to cancel the in-person meeting, we are delighted to have found an alternative way for our communities to exchange ideas and share the latest research.

Just as in the original TAGC 2020 format, cross-community thematic sessions will alternate with community-specific sessions dedicated to particular model organisms and disciplines. But at TAGC Online, talks and posters will be presented in a virtual and interactive format. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting experiment!

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Looking for information on the in-person (canceled) version of TAGC?

If you’re looking for refund, award, or other information related to the in-person (canceled) version of the meeting, please visit the old site linked below.

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Conference Themes

New Technology and Resources | Genomics and Systems Biology | Evolutionary and Population Genetics | Quantitative Genetics | Developmental Genetics | Intracellular Dynamics | Gene Regulation | Disease Models and Aging | Genome Integrity | Neurogenetics | Ethical, Legal, Social Issues | Training and Education

Participating Communities

C. elegans iconDrosophila iconMammalian iconPEQGXenopusYeastZebrafishAnd More

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