NextStage Growth Media: Career Advice and Connections

Are you seeking career advice from established scientists who can help guide your journey? Do you want to expand your network and connect with other early- and mid-career scientists? Register for NextStage Growth Media: Career Advice and Connections to ask your scientific career questions and connect with fellow researchers in a moderated discussion with established C. elegans community members. Dinner will be provided.

Registration is closed.


Participants will:

  • Have opportunities to ask questions in a small, informal setting
  • Learn useful information
  • Connect with established scientists & peers


Sunday, June 25
6:15-7:15 p.m. UTC


Exhibit Hall 5

Who should join

Early-career and mid-career researchers are welcome to join this event. Early career researchers include graduate students at all levels, postdocs and postdoc equivalents who have not received an independent research award, and Assistant Professors or equivalents. For this event, mid-career researchers are considered Principal Investigator Researchers and/or Associate Professors who are ready to reorient their career path and enrich their careers.

How to register

If you have already registered for the conference, you can sign up for this event by clicking “Register Here” above and indicate your top three topics. Registration closes at 5:00 PM BST on Sunday June 25, 2023. Attendance is limited, so register early!

Session Topics, Moderators, and Example Subtopics


  • Applying to postdoc positions (3 tables)
    • Moderated by:
      • Aakanksha Singhvi (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center)
      • Ann Wehman (University of Denver)
      • Barbara Conradt (University College London)
      • Doug Portman (University of Rochester)
      • Mary Kroetz (Bellarmine University)
      • Shambaditya Saha (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    • Example subtopics:
      • US-based postdocs
      • International postdocs
      • Applying for a postdoc in industry
      • Navigating the job market
  • Applying to graduate school
    • Moderated by:
      • Diana Chu (San Francisco State University)
    • Example subtopics:
      • US-based graduate schools
      • International graduate schools
      • Finding a PI
      • Letters of reference: who to ask and how much time to give them
      • What should go into a short research description; what should go into a “personal statement”
      • Do’s and Don’ts of the interview process
  • Creating inclusive lab and classroom environments (2 tables)
    • Moderated by:
      • Berenice Chavez Rojas (Harvard Medical School; Boston Children’s Hospital)
      • Julián Valdés (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Instituto de Fisiología Celular)
      • Teresa Lee (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
    • Example subtopics:
      • Making field work inclusive and accessible
      • Mentoring across cultures
      • Advocating for your lab’s needs
      • Accessibility tips at lab meetings, seminars, and other events
      • Building support networks for students
      • Knowing the requirements for accommodations
  • Disability in science
    • Moderated by:
      • Deborah Thurtle-Schmidt (Davidson College)
      • Yifan Wang (University of Groningen)
    • Example Subtopics:
      • Advocating for yourself
      • Accessibility tips at lab meetings, seminars, and other events
      • Building a support network
      • Knowing the requirements for accommodations
  • Early-career scientist challenges & opportunities
    • Moderated by:
      • Amy Walker (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
      • Martha Soto (Rutgers University)
    • Example subtopics:
      • Professional development
      • The road to tenure
      • Navigating committee assignments/requests
  • Mid-career scientist challenges & opportunities
    • Moderated by:
      • Alicia Melendez (Queens College, City University of NY)
      • Kavita Babu (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
    • Example subtopics:
      • Professional development
      • You have tenure; what’s next?
  • Navigating scholarly publishing
    • Moderated by:
      • Kris Gunsalus (G3 Editor; New York University)
      • Sandhya Koushika (GENETICS Editor; Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
    • Example subtopics:
      • Choosing a journal
      • Responding to reviewers and editors
      • Communicating your work
      • The publishing process
  • Non-academic careers (2 tables)
    • Moderated by:
      • Herminia Álvarez Sánchez (Nagi Bioscience)
      • Nathan Portier (Union Biometrica, Inc.)
      • Philippa Harlow (Syngenta)
      • Sudip Mondal (vivoVerse, Inc.)
    • Example subtopics:
      • Tailoring a resume to the job
      • The power of internships
      • Remote versus in-person: how to decide?
      • Total compensation: What’s in a benefits package?
      • Time management skills
  • Parenting in science
    • Moderated by:
      • Heather Hundley (Indiana University)
      • Stefan Taubert (The University of British Columbia)
    • Example Subtopics:
      • Establishing a work-life balance
      • Attending a conference with children
      • Building a support network
  • Research and teaching at a research-intensive institution
    • Moderated by:
      • Anne Hart (Brown University)
      • Buck Samuel (Baylor College of Medicine)
    • Example subtopics:
      • Work-life balance
      • Recruiting people to your lab
      • Requirements for faculty – % teaching, % research
      • Teaching-research balance
      • What does a laboratory start-up package look like?
      • How to negotiate the entire job package
      • Securing funding for your research