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Registration Category GSA Member Rate Nonmember Rate
Early Registration
(by February 25)
$170 $285
Advance Registration
(after February 25)
$270 $385
Early Registration
(by February 25)
$125 $175
Advance Registration
(after February 25)
$225 $275
Graduate Student
Early Registration
(by February 25)
$81 $130
Advance Registration
(after February 25)
$160 $210
Undergraduate Student
Early Registration
(by February 25)
$41 $90
Advance Registration
(after February 25)
$75 $125
Early Registration
(by February 25)
$300 $400
Advance Registration
(after February 25)
$400 $500

Low- and Middle-Income Country Waiver

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, we can offer free registrations to scientists from countries with low- and middle-income economies. Please complete the waiver application by January 8, 2021 to receive information on how to register.

Registration Fee includes:

  • Unique login information allowing registrant to participate in meeting activities
  • All live oral presentations including keynotes and concurrent sessions (42 hours)
  • Live poster presentations with Q&A
  • Access to all posters (and audio commentary, where available)
  • Access to all recorded sessions for 30 days
  • PDF of abstract book
  • Complimentary participation in all pre- and post-conference workshops, based on availability (Must register in advance)
  • Conference App for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
  • Networking opportunities via the Conference App, Remo, Slack, and Zoom

Registration fees are charged to cover technology and staff time in organizing and running the meeting. Fees for a virtual conference are used for the following:

  • Custom development, testing, and subscription costs for the conference app, registration program, scheduling software, Zoom webinar licenses, Remo networking platform, private video hosting, and other services
  • Design and communications services for creating and maintaining a website, writing and sending blast emails and surveys to attendees, developing technical instructions for the conference technology, creating an abstract and program book, promoting awareness of the meeting, and other tasks
  • Live technical support, conference hosting, and hardware
  • Project management and other logistical and administrative tasks
  • Development and implementation of conference career development programming

Payment Options

Payment must be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) through the online registration process. Credit card payments will not be accepted by telephone or fax.
GSA does not accept purchase orders for registration payments.

Registration Resource Center

Visit the Registration Resource Center to update your contact information or print a receipt. You will need your badge number to access your record, which is listed in your registration confirmation email.


Do not click the “Cancel Registration” button on the registration form at any time. If you wish to request cancellation of your registration, contact Suzy Brown at sbrown@genetics-gsa.org. Cancellation requests must be received by March 4. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from all cancellations.

Do not cancel your registration if all you want to do is edit your registration form before you submit it. You can do that by navigating between pages using the “Back” and “Next” buttons.