Technology Overview and FAQs

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Answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about using the Conference App, viewing talks, and using the Remo poster platform are below.

Using the Conference App

What's the link for the App?

How do I log in?

What is my badge number?

I have my badge number but still can’t log in. What should I do?

What time zone does the App show?

How do I browse and search for presentations using the App?

How do I build my personalized schedule?

Can I use both the Desktop App and the Mobile App or do I have to choose?

What if I have technical issues with the app that are not addressed by the questions above?

Viewing Talks

How do I find the Zoom link for a particular session?

My session is supposed to start now but I don't see the "Join Webinar" button. What should I do?

I get a blank screen after I click "Join Webinar." What should I do?

When I click my session I get "No items match this search." How do I find the "Join Webinar" button?

How do I fix problems with the Zoom audio?

How do I make the Zoom window in the App bigger?

Why is Zoom asking me to register for the session?

Will I be visible to other participants when I view a oral presentation session?

Can I log in and view two sessions at the same time?

When will the recordings be available?

Joining Live Poster Sessions/Remo

What should I do if I’m having trouble with my camera or microphone?

Why is the poster so blurry on the Whiteboard?

What should I do if my internet is dropping out or my audio/video quality is poor?

How do I log in to Remo?

Can I use Remo on a phone or tablet?

How do I know what time a particular poster will be presented?

I tried to enter a building but it said the event was full. How can I get into the session?

Why is my audio or video cutting out after a few seconds?

Can I leave questions for a presenter if I can’t make it to their live poster session?

Viewing Poster Files

See instructions on finding and viewing virtual posters here.

Presenting a Talk

See the Platform Speaker FAQs here.

See the Plenary/Invited Speaker Guidelines here.

Presenting a Poster

See the Poster Presentation FAQs here.

Who do I contact for technical help?

If you have any technical questions not answered in these FAQs, contact gsaconferences@genetics-gsa.org.

You can also ask questions in the #a_tech_help Slack channel, where other attendees may offer assistance. Staff only monitor the Slack channels during live conference hours.