Abstract Submission Instructions

Most submitted abstracts will be scheduled as posters. If you are not selected for an oral session you must display a poster.

During the abstract submission process you will be asked to create a new account or sign in to an existing account. If you were a GSA member or attended a GSA conference in the last five years, you already have a GSA account and should use the “forgot your password” option.

If you join GSA during the abstract submission process, you will need to wait 10 minutes after joining for your member record to update and then refresh your submission screen in order to receive the member price.

If someone will be paying your abstract fee on your behalf and you DO NOT have the credit card information, please stop when you get to the payment page and send that link, along with your login information, to the person with the credit card to finish your submission. You will receive an immediate email confirmation once your abstract has been submitted.

Be sure to register by September 8! All presenters (both oral and poster presentations) must register for the conference by September 8 to confirm their presentation.

Submission Checklist

Before you start the submission process, ensure you have all of the following:

  • Co-author names and institutions
  • Abstract title
  • Abstract text (must be fewer than 2500 characters, including line breaks and spaces)
  • Your selection for the abstract’s Organism and Research Topic (This information is used in the Conference App to assist abstract browsing.)
    • Organism
      • African trypanosome
      • American trypanosomes
      • Babesia
      • Cestodes
      • Cryptosporidium
      • Eimeria
      • Entamoeba
      • Giardia
      • Leishmania
      • Nematodes
      • Plasmodium
      • Schistosoma
      • Theileria
      • Toxoplasma
      • Trichomonas
      • Vector arthropode
      • Other
    • Research topic 1
      • Biochemistry
      • Cell biology
      • Development
      • Drug development
      • Evolution
      • Genetics
      • Genome biology
      • Host parasite interaction
      • Immunity
      • Population genetics
      • Other
    • Research topic 2
      • Animal models
      • Cell sorting
      • Genetic manipulation
      • Genome sequencing
      • Imaging
      • Medicinal chemistry
      • Protein biochemistry
      • Screening
      • Structural studies
      • Transcriptomics
      • Other
  • Credit card for non-refundable abstract submission fee ($20 GSA member/$40 non-member).



Publication of Abstracts

Abstracts selected for presentation will be available online by September 8, 2020, which will be considered the official publication date. The full abstract text will only be available online and as a printable PDF.

Abstract Submission Rules

  1. By submitting an abstract, you agree to register for the virtual meeting and present your work, regardless of the format assigned (oral or poster). We understand that plans sometimes change for unavoidable reasons, but we ask that if you cannot register and present, you designate a co-author to present in your place. Abstracts cannot be withdrawn after the revision deadline of August 14, 2020 August 13, 2020.
  2. By submitting an abstract for consideration for an oral presentation, you agree that, if selected for an oral presentation, your presentation can be made available as a video recording to registrants for up to 30 days after the meeting.
  3. Presenting authors must register for the meeting by September 8, 2020. If you fail to register by this date, your presentation may be canceled. For special circumstances (e.g., funding issues), please contact gsaconferences@genetics-gsa.org.
  4. Abstracts will appear online exactly as submitted; no corrections, additions, revisions, or deletions can be made by GSA staff. The submitting author may make revisions and corrections via the revision program. All revisions must be made no later than the revision deadline of August 14, 2020 August 13, 2020. Proof your text carefully before submitting.
  5. All accepted abstracts will be scheduled either as an oral or poster presentation at the discretion of the Conference Organizers. Because oral presentation requests far exceed oral presentation slots, authors should be prepared to present a poster if their abstract is not selected for an oral presentation.
  6. You must submit each abstract online and pay the non-refundable fee. To receive the member fee, the submitting author must be a 2020 GSA member. The same person may submit multiple abstracts, but a separate fee is payable for each submission.
  7. The Organizers reserve the right to decline any submitted abstracts that lack scientific content or merit, or merely announce the availability of a resource or service.
  8. By attending the Conference, you grant GSA the right to use your photograph, name, and likeness for use in GSA educational, news, or promotional materials.
  9. The use of cameras and other recording devices in oral and poster sessions is strictly prohibited without express permission from the presenter or an authorized GSA representative.


Abstract Submission FAQs

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What is the abstract fee?

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Should I anticipate any technical problems submitting an abstract?

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