Show the world why it’s great to be where you are!

We want you and your labmates to submit fun, one-minute videos to show during the intermissions of virtual MPM XXXI. You have the chance to win prizes, as well as to be voted the World’s Coolest Parasitology Lab of 2020!

Deadline for submission: September 1. Deadline extended to September 10.

How to enter:

  • Make a one minute mov or mp4 file that tells us about where you live and work
  • Video must be no longer than one minute
  • Submit the video to mpm20videos@gmail.com
  • In your email, include:
    Your name
    Your lab
    Your institution
    Your city and country

Meeting attendees will vote on the best video and the winner will bring home the official title of 2020 World’s Coolest Parasitology Lab award.

Need inspiration?

  • Explore your city
  • Introduce all the cool people in your lab
  • What do your labmates like to do for fun?
  • What do your labmates eat for lunch?
  • Does your institution have any sports?
  • Introduce us to something unique about the local culture where you live