#Dros22 #FruitFlyArt

Love Drosophila? Share your fly-themed artwork on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #Dros22 and #FruitFlyArt and you’ll be entered in the drawing to win a free registration for the 63rd Annual Drosophila Research Conference!

Dros22 FruitFlyArt Social Media Art Show

Participating in the #FruitFlyArt show:

Share your Drosophila-themed artwork on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #Dros22 and #FruitFlyArt to be entered into the raffle.

Multiple entries per person are permitted, but only one artwork per post will be eligible. To submit multiple entries, separate works of art must be featured in their own posts with #Dros22 and #FruitFlyArt.

If you don’t use social media, you can submit your artwork using this form and we’ll tweet it for you, along with your message. GSA reserves the right to not share submissions that we deem to be offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise unsuitable for public sharing on social media.


You can submit art in any medium, but remember the pieces will be viewed online only (so, for example, you’ll need to take a photo of your ice sculpture/stained glass window/cake etc.—please don’t mail us anything!). You can upload image files that are <16 MB, but video and sound files can only be submitted as links.

Entry prize drawing:

Artworks shared by January 14, 2022 will be entered into the drawing for a free #Dros22 registration.

To be eligible for the prize drawing, submitted artwork must feature or reference Drosophila and must be created by you.

If you have questions, contact Jacqueline Treboschi: jtreboschi@genetics-gsa.org