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Poster presentations will consist of two parts:

Poster Files: Poster PDFs and (optional) audio commentary will be available within the Conference App for registered attendees to view during the conference.

Laptop with a virtual poster and audio playback icon.


Live Poster Sessions: Live Poster Sessions will allow attendees to meet virtually with presenters to ask questions or give feedback. Poster sessions will take place using the Remo virtual platform. Remo provides a video discussion forum that mimics an in-person networking event. Group video chats take place at “tables”. Attendees can navigate the sessions via a floor plan that shows each table and the number of “seats” taken at the table. Poster presenters can display their poster to table attendees by uploading it to the table Whiteboard. They will discuss their work with groups of attendees coming and going throughout the session, just like at an in-person meeting!

Three people video chatting over a Remo "floorpan" of discussion tables.

Watch 3-min video introduction to Remo ≫

Further details of the poster presentation formats will be available here in the coming months.