Worm Puns contest

Participating in the #WormPuns raffle:

Share your C. elegans-themed puns on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #Worm21 and #WormPuns. Supporting media, such as GIFs, images, or videos, is welcome but optional.

If you don’t use social media, you can submit your pun using this form and we’ll tweet your pun for you. GSA reserves the right to not share submissions that we deem to be offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise unsuitable for public sharing on social media.

Entry prize drawing:

Puns that were shared by June 7, 2021 were entered into the drawing for a free #Worm21 T-shirt. To be eligible for the prize drawing, submitted puns had to be C. elegans-themed and created by the submitter. View entries on Twitter.

Congratulations to the raffle winner, Wouter van den Berg!

"I am elegans" by Wouter van den Berg

If you have questions, contact Jacqueline Treboschi: jtreboschi@genetics-gsa.org.

Need some wormspiration?

Worm Show luminaries Curtis Loer and Morris Madura have kindly donated some of their surplus puns to get your ideas pumping.


C. briggsae decides to leave the genus = C. brexit