View Talks

Oral presentation sessions will be viewed using the GSA’s Conference App. The conference will be held live, and recordings of talks will be available to registrants for 30 days after the meeting. More details of how to view talks will be available closer to the conference.

Technical requirements

  • Your connection speed should be 600 Kbps (up/down) or better. You can test your Internet connection speed at SpeedTest.net
  • You won’t need a camera or microphone to view talks. You will type questions directly in the Q&A window.

Code of conduct

When you register for the conference, you agree to abide by the GSA Conferences Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct was established to communicate a transparent set of standards and guidelines for acceptable behavior at GSA Conferences and to provide a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for all attendees. All sessions will be moderated for disruptive behavior.