Awards and Financial Aid

A variety of awards and financial aid from GSA and other organizations help recognize the outstanding achievements of community members, offset conference travel costs, and support parents and caregivers.

Travel Awards

Travel awards help to support the costs associated with attending GSA conferences, including TAGC 2020. Awards in this category include the TAGC New Faculty Travel Awards and the GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards. Check out GSA’s travel options and find out which award is right for you. Learn more »

Don’t see the award you’re looking for? Some travel awards—like the Victoria Finnerty Award—are community-specific, and are therefore listed on the Community-specific Awards page.

Community-Specific Awards

These awards are specific to particular TAGC communities. Awards in this category include the Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Award (Drosophila), Sandler Award (Drosophila), the IMGS Scholarships for Trainees, and the James F. Crow Early Researcher Award (PEQG). Learn more »

Childcare and Dependent Grants

GSA is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible conference environment for all scientists, including those who are parents or caregivers. For TAGC 2020, the Society will be offering Childcare and Dependent Grants to help offset the cost of childcare for parents attending the conference. Learn more »

Poster Awards

Early Career Poster Awards are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students at GSA conferences. The awards recognize the students’ outstanding research presented as a poster. Learn more »