TAGC 2020

The Allied Genetics Conference

April 22–26, 2020 | Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center | Metro Washington, DC | #TAGC20

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Cancellation of TAGC

Due to the rapidly escalating global outbreak of COVID-19, we regret to announce the cancellation of TAGC 2020. While scientific progress has never been more important, public safety is our highest priority.

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Conference Themes

New Technology and Resources | Genomics and Systems Biology | Evolutionary and Population Genetics | Quantitative Genetics | Developmental Genetics | Intracellular Dynamics | Gene Regulation | Disease Models and Aging | Genome Integrity | Neurogenetics | Ethical, Legal, Social Issues | Training and Education

Participating Communities

C. elegans iconDrosophila iconMammalian iconPEQGXenopusYeastZebrafishAnd More

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Invited Speakers

Bonnie Bassler photo

Bonnie Bassler

HHMI/Princeton University

Sue Biggins

HHMI/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Pat Brown

Impossible Foods/Stanford University

Ed Buckler

USDA-ARS, Cornell University

Caroline Dean

John Innes Centre

Abby Dernburg

HHMI/UC Berkeley

Claude Desplan

New York University

Cassandra Extavour

Harvard University

Elaine Fuchs

HHMI/Rockefeller University

Jon R. Lorsch

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Sally Otto

University of British Columbia

Alex Schier

Harvard University

J. Paul Taylor

HHMI/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

John Wallingford

University of Texas at Austin

Keith Yamamoto

UC San Francisco

Feng Zhang

HHMI/Massachusetts Institute of Technology