Poster Preview Guidelines

Select poster presenters have been invited by the Program Committees to give Poster Previews during the oral presentation sessions. If you have been assigned a Poster Preview talk, you must also present a poster in your assigned poster session. The Poster Preview format gives you the chance to briefly explain to the attendees why they should visit your poster to learn more about your work.

Instructions to poster preview presenters:

  • At the discretion of the program committee and session chairs, TAGC will include poster previews. Not all sessions will have poster previews.
  • The program committee selected poster previews from the pool of abstracts submitted for oral presentations.
  • Each poster preview will consist of a maximum of two slides and will be a total of two minutes long.
  • Poster preview slides should be static slides with no transitions, movies, timing or animation.
  • The audiovisual technician will loop all poster preview slides together in advance of the conference.
  • Poster previews are meant to highlight one or two interesting pieces of information on your poster to encourage people to come see your poster.
  • Poster previews are not meant to tell the whole story but rather to pique interest.
  • Carefully select the information for your slide. Too much detail is confusing.
  • You should submit your poster preview talk no later than April 15. Late slides will not be accepted.
  • Once you submit your poster preview slides, you will not be able to make revisions.
  • Details on how to submit files will be sent to presenters via email by March 15.
  • We recommend that you include your poster number on your slide.
  • Please sit in one of the reserved seats at the front of the room for easy access to the stage.
  • There will be no Q&A.
  • Your time to deliver your poster preview talk will be up after two minutes, and the next speaker will be introduced.
  • The scheduled time of your Poster Preview and your separate poster session are indicated on the author assignment site.


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