Zebrafish Community Information

Connect with the zebrafish research community at TAGC Online! The meeting’s unique format offers multiple opportunities for you to share your work, learn about the latest research and tools, and build community. Hear the latest at the Zebrafish Community Session and Poster Sessions.

What’s the hashtag?

The conference hashtag is #TAGC20. Use the #Zfish20 community-specific hashtag alongside #TAGC20 to allow everyone to follow along!

Community Program Committee

David Grunwald, University of Utah, Co-chair
Mary Mullins, University of Pennsylvania, Co-chair
John Rawls, Duke University, Co-chair

Session Chairs

Lindsey Barske, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Julia Dallman, University of Miami

Qing Deng, Perdue University

George Eisenhoffer, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Charles Kaufman, Washington University

Miler Lee, University of Pittsburgh

Adam Miller, University of Oregon

Christian Mosimann, University of Colorado Denver

Celia Shiau, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Zhaoxia Sun, Yale University

Presentation Opportunities

Abstracts have been reviewed and scheduled in one of three types of sessions:

  • Posters
  • Community (oral)
  • Thematic (oral)

If you submitted an abstract, see the Author Assignments page to view your assignment. 

Poster and Thematic Sessions will feature research from all communities, while zebrafish Community Sessions will be dedicated to research on zebrafish and related species.

When it comes to attending virtual talks, you won’t be forced to choose between zebrafish and your favorite topic, Community Sessions and Thematic Sessions are held at different times, so there will be no need to miss out.

Conference History

2016: Orlando, FL