Conference Themes

From the molecular to the global, our themes form the basis for oral sessions and posters where you’ll connect with scientists using a variety of organisms and approaches. The unified, topic-driven science at TAGC 2024 promises abundant opportunities for scientists from various research communities and backgrounds to get inspired, reach new audiences, and expand their network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Gene Regulation

2. Chromosome Biology and Genome Integrity

3. Intracellular Dynamics

4. Neurogenetics

5. Developmental Genetics

6. Genomes and Genomics

7. EvoDevo

8. Disease Models and Aging

9. Translational Approaches, Stem Cells and Organoids

10. Sex Differences in Biology and Disease

11. Population and Evolutionary Genetics

12. Quantitative Genetics

13. Ecological Genetics and Genomics

14. Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Livestock Genetics

15. Technology, Resources, and Tools

16. Initiatives in Education and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion