Press Registration

TAGC 2020 will feature the latest discoveries from researchers at the leading edge of what is possible in the biological and biomedical sciences. With fundamental and applied research on human disease, aging, cancer, neuroscience, evolution, genomics, new technology, ethics, and more, there will be stories for every beat.

Eligible members of the media may receive complimentary Press Registration and access to embargoed materials. Press Registrants receive access to all scientific sessions, but may be excluded from some private or ticketed events.

Press Registration Eligibility

To be eligible for complimentary Press Registration, you must fit one of the following categories:

  • Staff journalist, photographer, or videographer for an eligible media outlet*
  • Freelance journalist on assignment from an eligible media outlet*
  • Freelance journalist with three bylined articles from an eligible media outlet* from the past six months
  • Student currently enrolled in a journalism degree program at a college or university

All others will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Note that journal editors, industry analysts, industry writers and editors, lobbyists, public relations officers, public information officers, and communications officers are not eligible for Press Registration or embargoed materials, but are encouraged to attend as regular registrants. One-day passes are available.

*Eligible media outlets are those that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Report news and information to the public (irrespective of media type, e.g. newspapers, magazines, radio shows, TV shows, podcasts, online sites, online video, etc)
  • Are editorially independent of advertisers, sponsors, and owners
  • Publish primarily original content
  • Have been publishing original content for at least one year

All Press Registrations are provided at the discretion of GSA staff. To reserve your press registration or ask about eligibility, contact cgelling@genetics-gsa.org.