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Connect with the Xenopus research community at TAGC 2024! The meeting’s unique format offers multiple opportunities for you to share your work, learn about the latest research and tools, and build community. Hear the latest at the Xenopus Community Sessions and Poster Sessions.

What’s the hashtag?

The conference hashtag is #TAGC24. Use the #Xenopus24 community-specific hashtag alongside #TAGC24 to allow everyone to follow along!

Community Program Committee 

Chair, Rebecca Heald, University of  California, Berkeley

Stay tuned for more information about Presentation Opportunities. 

Conference History

2020: TAGC Online
2018: Seattle, WA
2014: Pacific Grove, CA

Community Resources

National Xenopus Resource
European Xenopus Resource
Xenopus laevis Research Resource for Immunobiology