About TAGC

TAGC is a unique conference organized by the Genetics Society of America that offers innovative sessions that get to the heart of our shared research interests. On top of cutting-edge research in areas like genomics, neurogenetics, and technology, there are abundant opportunities to meet scientists from across the world, discussing important topics like equity and inclusion, undergraduate education, and professional development. 

Join us March 6–10, 2024, in the Washington, DC, metro area or online.

A Conference Like No Other

TAGC promises the best of both worlds. Whether you need community-specific content to make the most of your research or unified topic-driven science to spark new ideas and inspire collaborations, you can find it here.

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This has been a great meeting and I must say way more democratic. Time to rethink scientific meetings and how easily one can bring a community together! Congrats #TAGC20.

Irina Matos

Discover Innovative Research

The diverse and interdisciplinary scope of TAGC 2024 allows researchers to discover answers and explore new directions in today’s genetics and genomics research.


Attend sessions focused on key topics of interest:

Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Livestock Genetics | Chromosome Biology and Genome Integrity | Developmental Genetics | Disease Models and Aging | Ecological Genetics and Genomics | EvoDevo | Gene Regulation | Genomes and Genomics | Initiatives in Education and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Intracellular Dynamics | Neurogenetics | Population and Evolutionary Genetics | Quantitative Genetics | Sex Differences in Biology and Disease | Technology, Resources and Tools | Translational Approaches, Stem Cells and Organoids


Benefit from networking opportunities and deep explorations from eight participating communities:

C. elegans | Drosophila | Mouse and Rat | PEQG | Plant | Xenopus | Yeast | Zebrafish | And More


Meet Your Colleagues

TAGC 2024’s unique programming makes it easy to interact meaningfully with fellow community members, new colleagues, collaborators, industry partners, and representatives of key scientific organizations and funders.


Just loved #TAGC20! It’s always amazing to step outside the comfort zone of our own research and get to know the outstanding works that so many other scientists are developing around the world! Thanks to everyone in the organization and to all the speakers, congratulations!

Letícia Magpali

Lead Important Discussions

GSA is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion within our community and at our events. This commitment extends beyond selecting speakers that reflect the breadth and diversity of the field; we strive to foster a safe and inclusive conference environment and to design programming that enhances leadership and mentoring opportunities for all members.

Find Your Future At TAGC 2024

Whether you’re looking for a job, hiring, exhibiting your products, or marketing to an international community of decision makers and influencers, #TAGC24 provides a convenient platform for the formation of new consortia and alliances.