TAGC 2024 is organized by esteemed members of the GSA community. The Allied Program Committee (APC) oversees all aspects of the scientific program and includes representatives who use a variety of model organisms to study topics such as aging, human disease, neurogenetics, and much more.

TAGC 2024 Co-Chairs

photo of Maureen Barr

Maureen Barr

Rutgers University

photo of Harmit Malik

Harmit Malik

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Allied Program Committee

Brenda Andrews, University of Toronto

Derek Applewhite, Reed College

Michelle Arbeitman, Florida State University

Rebecca Heald, University of California, Berkeley

David Lowry, Michigan State University

Cecilia Moens, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Steve Munger, Jackson Laboratory

Coleen Murphy, Princeton University

Pam Padilla, University of North Texas

Bret Payseur, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Kailene Simon, Aliada Therapeutics

Jacob Steenwyk, University of California, Berkeley

Community Program Committee Organizers


C. elegans logo

C. elegans 

Chair, David Katz, Emory University
Erin Cram, Northeastern University
Michelle Mondoux, College of the Holy Cross
Aakanksha Singhvi, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Amy Walker, University of Mass Medical School, Worcester

Drosophila logo


Melissa Harrison, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Amanda Larracuente, University of Rochester
Dan McKay, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Blake Riggs, San Francisco State University

Mouse and Rat logo


Yann Herault, CNRS
Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Darla Miller, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Laura Reinholdt, The Jackson Laboratory

Plant logo


David Lowry, Michigan State University

PEQG logo

Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics (PEQG)

Lila Fishman, University of Montana
Ryan Gutenkunst, University of Arizona
John Kelly, University of Kansas
Mia Levine, University of Pennsylvania
Bret Payseur, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Sohini Ramachandran, Brown University

Yeast logo


Gloria Brar, University of California, Berkeley
Grant Brown, University of Toronto, Canada
Joseph Schacherer, University of Strasbourg
Peter Stirling, British Columbia Cancer Agency

Xenopus logo


Rebecca Heald, University of California, Berkeley



Florence Marlow, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
David Tobin, Duke University