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Connect with the zebrafish research community at TAGC 2024! The meeting’s unique format offers multiple opportunities for you to share your work, learn about the latest research and tools, and build community. Hear the latest research at the Zebrafish Community Sessions and Poster Sessions.

What’s the hashtag?

The conference hashtag is #TAGC24. Use the #Zfish24 community-specific hashtag alongside #TAGC24 to allow everyone to follow along and be sure and tag @GeneticsGSA!

Community Program Committee

Co-chair, Florence Marlow, Mt. Sinai Hospital
Co-Chair, David Tobin, Duke University

Jeffrey Farrell, National Institutes of Health
Kristen Kwan, University of Utah
Christian Mosimann, University of Colorado, Denver 

Stay tuned for more information about the Session Chairs, and Presentation Opportunities. 


International Zebrafish Society Genetics Trainee Award

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Mollie Sweeney is the winner of the International Zebrafish Society Genetics Trainee Award in 2024. The award serves to recognize excellence in research, in particular discoveries leading to significant scientific or technological advances through the use of zebrafish genetics.


Authors that indicate they are PhD students or postdoctoral fellows and members of the Zebrafish community at the time of their abstract submission will be eligible.


Topic subcommittee chairs will nominate one candidate from the abstracts that they review.

Finalist’s Curriculum Vitae and Mentor’s Letter of Support

Finalists and their mentors will be contacted to provide their CV and mentor’s letter of support. The organizers will select an awardee after review of the finalist’s abstract, CV, and Mentor letter of support.


The Awardee will receive a complimentary TAGC registration, monetary prize and present a 15 minute talk at a keynote session during The Allied Genetics Conference.

Conference History

2016: Orlando, FL