GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards

Applications have closed.


To promote excellence in undergraduate research and education, GSA established this travel award, which supports travel costs for undergraduate members who are presenting at and attending a GSA conference.

Please note that undergraduates attending the Drosophila Conference will apply for the Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Award using the same application process.

Application Process

The GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards have two rounds of applications per year; one for GSA conferences occurring between January 1 and June 30, and another for GSA conferences held between July 1 and December 31.

When the application period is open, there will be a link to the application form on this page. In their applications, applicants must include a letter of recommendation. The letter must be from the PI of the laboratory in which they are conducting research or another professor or supervisor familiar with the applicant’s research.


Applicants must be undergraduate GSA members. Recipients may only use the award to fund their travel to GSA conferences.

Important Dates

The next application cycle for the GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards will open on October 30, 2019. The deadline to submit your application will be November 27. UPDATE: The deadline to submit your application is January 15, 2020.

Support the Undergraduate Travel Award fund

The Undergraduate Travel Awards are made possible by generous contributions from our donors. Please consider contributing to support our community’s early career members.

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Past Recipients

Year Name Institution
2020 Farah Abdul-Rahman New York University
2020 Elsie Adams University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2020 Mehrnaz Afkhami University of Oklahoma
2020 Maria Akopyan Cornell University
2020 Jennifer Alexander Fox Chase Cancer Center
2020 Annabel Vivian Almazan Wright State University
2020 Emma Alme University of California, San Francisco
2020 Ellen Armour Drexel University
2020 Uma Arora The Jackson Laboratory, Tufts University
2020 Grace Avecilla New York University
2020 Jessica Bailey University of Montana
2020 Allison Beachum East Carolina University
2020 Akanksha Bhatnagar Drexel University
2020 Ruby Boateng The Jackson Laboratory
2020 Karen Bobier University of Georgia
2020 Emma Bondy-Chorney University of Ottawa
2020 Lorna  Brundage Mathnasium of North Potomac
2020 Shonda Campbell University of Maryland Baltimore County
2020 Stuart Castaneda San Francisco State University
2020 Nathan Catlin University of Florida
2020 Lorencia Chigweshe Wesleyan University
2020 Jacinta Davis Lehigh University
2020 David de la Cerda Wake Forest School of Medicine
2020 Andrea Darby Cornell University
2020 Pallavi Deolal University of Hyderabad
2020 Andrew Deonarine University of South Florida
2020 Abigail Feresten Simon Fraser University
2020 Aleksandra Fergin University of Zürich
2020 Krista Fincke Auburn University
2020 Rachel Flores University of Washington
2020 Latisha Franklin The Pennsylvania State University
2020 Courtney Gamache Concordia University
2020 Claire Gillette University of Colorado Anschutz
2020 Alan Anuart Gonzalez Rangel Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Fisiología Celular
2020 Ishita Haider Wright State University
2020 Hayden Hatch Albert Einstein College of Medicine
2020 Lydia Heasley Colorado State University
2020 Leetoria Hinojosa , University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
2020 Alexandra Imre University of Debrecen
2020 Kelly Jin University of Washington
2020 Riley Kellermeyer University of Nevada, Reno
2020 Pooja Kadaba Ranganath Illinois State University
2020 Seyma Katrinli Emory University
2020 Pushpa Kumari Regional Centre for Biotechnology Faridabad
2020 Deborah Kwon University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
2020 Sarah Laframboise University of Ottawa
2020 Amanda Lea Princeton University
2020 Elora López Stanford University
2020 Roberto Márquez University of Chicago
2020 Troy McDiarmid The University of British Columbia
2020 Grecia Medina The University Of Texas El Paso
2020 Paloma Medina UC Santa Cruz
2020 Nichalas Nelson University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2020 Wasti Nurani Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability
2020 Sophia Parks University of California, Riverside
2020 Hailie Pavanel University of Western Ontario
2020 Cynthia Perez San Francisco State University
2020 Gabrielle Prince University of South Alabama
2020 Faeze Saatchi UT Southwestern
2020 Marie Saitou University at Buffalo
2020 Yasaman Setayeshpour College of William and Mary
2020 Amanda Shaver University of Georgia
2020 Devika Singh Georgia Institute of Technology
2020 Alexandre Soares Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
2020 Maria Sterrett Emory University
2020 Kumari Sweta Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
2020 Elizabeth Trujillo San Diego State University
2020 Ian Vasconcellos Caldas Cornell University
2020 Joshua            Washington University of Georgia
2020 Anastacia Wienecke Western Washington University
2020 Kaitlin Whitehead East Carolina University
2020 Austin Wilcox University of Illinois at Chicago
2020 Rachel Woodhouse University of Sydney
2020 Jhony Zavaleta San Francisco State University
2019 Mario Cabrera Baylor College of Medicine
2019 Nina Fassnacht Marist College
2019 Kassandra Kin University of California, Riverside
2019 Cameron LaFayette University of Alabama at Birmingham
2019 Robert Lao The University of Toronto
2019 Katarina Liberatore Muhlenberg College
2019 Aidan Nowakowski Marist College
2019 Victoria Puccini de Castro Northeastern Illinois University
2019 Priscila Robles University of California, Riverside
2019 Brendil Sabatino BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
2019 Evan Schlesinger Muhlenberg College
2019 Alexander Sinks Davidson College
2019 Dan Zhang University of Calgary
2018 Mayra Banuelos San Francisco State University
2018 Ryan Cheng University of California, Los Angeles
2018 Samantha Dung San Francisco State University
2018 Sam Kajjo University of Ottawa
2018 Minkyung Lee Baruch College – City University of New York
2018 Andrea Lopez San Francisco State University
2018 Ezequiel Lopez Barragan San Francisco State University
2018 Victoria Mingione Emmanuel College
2018 Rachel Mullner Missouri State University
2018 Batoul Nasser University of Detroit Mercy
2018 Rochelle-Jan Reyes San Francisco State University
2018 Taylor Rosenthal Albion College
2018 Brian Tang Baruch College/CUNY BA Program
2018 Jeremy Tee Missouri State University
2018 Win Thu San Francisco State University
2018 Alexander Trujillo Albion College
2018 Elinor Wood Bemidji State University
2017 Rose Al-Saadi Syracuse University
2017 Jacqueline Alexander Ithaca College
2017 Sally Claridge University of Oregon
2017 Dallas Richard Fonseca Ithaca College
2017 Pierre-Marc Frédérick Laval University
2017 Delfina Gonzalez Pomona College
2017 Leah Gulyas Gettysburg College
2017 Mark Hansen Central Michigan University
2017 Donghoon Kang Rice University
2017 Kelvin Liao Rutgers University
2017 Margaux Quiniou University of Exeter
2017 Anza Rizvi Rutgers University
2017 Erika Rosenkranse Marist College
2017 Cyrus T Ruediger University of California Berkeley
2017 Mariya Stefinko Northeastern Illinois University
2017 Colson Parker Tomberlin University of Colorado Boulder
2017 Carolyn Turcotte Marist College
2017 Kathryn Jane Weaver Bethel College
2017 Zoe Yeoh Gettysburg College
2017 Joseph Marsili Northeastern Illinois University
2017 Curtis Wentz Juniata College
2016 Cynthia Becker Ithaca College
2016 Diana Cardero Florida International University
2016 Brian Choi Indiana University
2016 Logan Condon University of Washington
2016 Max Haase University of Wisconsin – Madison
2016 Mathieu Henault Laval University
2016 Alex Lederer University of Pittsburgh
2016 Xiaoxue Lin College of William and Mary
2016 Maegan Neilson College of the Holy Cross
2016 Erin Ritchie University of Utah
2016 Carolyn Turcotte Marist College
2015 Tykayah Baird Central Washington University
2015 Ben Blue University of Oregon
2015 Sarah Chang Pennsylvania State University
2015 Raven Symone Conyers Washington State University
2015 Alex Huang Rutgers University
2015 Jenna Johnson Luther College
2015 Regina Lai University of British Columbia
2015 Robert Monroy University of California, Davis
2015 Gabriel Moore Oberlin College
2015 Maggie Morash Rutgers University
2015 Mohammad Sadic New York University
2015 Claire Schaar Hope College
2015 Tyler Shimko University of Utah
2015 Emma Sikes College of the Holy Cross
2015 Lisa Truong University of California, Davis
2014 Ann Aindow University of California, Berkeley
2014 Sarah Cossey Kansas State University
2014 Nicole Delos Santos University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2014 Pui Shan Hung University of Toronto
2014 Spencer Keil University of Miami
2014 Alex Murphy Gonzaga University
2014 Benjamin Walker Roanoke College
2014 Mun Hong Yong University of Wisconsin, Madison
2013 Wendy Cao University of Toronto
2013 David Morgens Pomona College
2013 Alina Rashid Rutgers University
2013 Haley Willhelm Texas A&M University, San Antonio
2013 Jay Zhang University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2012 Elizabeth Billquist Hope College
2012 Malgorzata Liro University of California, Berkeley
2012 Jessica Parks University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2012 Maria Replogle University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2012 Pegah Safabakhsh Temple University
2012 Elizabeth Schock Wittenberg University
2012 John Tung University of California, Berkeley