Original electrophoresis watercolor painting by Michele Banks, 2016art created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of two GENETICS papers by John Hubby and Richard Lewontin that introduced the use of protein electrophoresis to survey genetic variation in natural populations, revealing unexpectedly high levels of diversity.


Since 1932, GSA Conferences have served as community hubs, fostering collaboration, shared tools, and the spread of technology and ideas. Today, GSA hosts a diverse range of events. Alongside our community meetings, which are focused on particular experimental organisms or research approaches, GSA hosts The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC). This unique meeting brings together multiple groups to encourage exchange, collaboration, and synthesis.

I was able to network with scientists from across the globe and share my research in an impactful way. I also was awarded an honorable mention on my poster and met three Nobel Prize winners, which would not have been possible without GSA’s support.

Alex Sinks, GSA Undergraduate Travel Award recipient and GSA Conference attendee
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Professional Development at GSA Conferences

GSA Conference attendees also get access to GSA’s professional development and community workshops and initiatives on site. These programs are designed to benefit both attendees and the field.

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Undergrad, grad student, and postdoc GSA members from any country can apply for travel awards. For more information, visit the website of the GSA conference you are interested in above and look for the “Awards and Financial Aid” page.

Invite poster viewers!

Amplify your work and seek expert feedback by inviting specific scientists to attend your poster presentation with GSA’s poster invitation program, available at GSA Conferences.

Undergrad, grad student, and postdoc GSA members may invite up to three scientists to attend their poster. We suggest inviting individuals who typically attend the meeting or who are located in the same city. GSA will reach out to these scientists with your abstract and contact details and invite them to attend your poster. For more details, visit the website of the GSA Conference you are interested in attending.