CBE-Life Sciences Education

Through its partnership with the American Society for Cell Biology, GSA supports the publication of CBE-Life Sciences Education (LSE). LSE publishes peer-reviewed articles covering a breadth of life science education topics at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels, making it a valuable resource for educators across many levels and disciplines. As an editorial partner, GSA helps promote and support LSE, while ASCB remains the publisher.

LSE publishes two types of articles: 

  • descriptions of research that breaks new ground in understanding biology teaching and learning
  • descriptions of the implementation and evaluation of educational innovations in the life sciences.

Regardless of the nature of the work, articles should offer a logical, evidence-based chain of reasoning about the design and methods used to generate the findings and support the conclusions. 

The journal also publishes essays on timely and important topics related to biology teaching and learning, including assessment methods, student engagement, curriculum innovations, K–20 continuum, and others.


Read the latest articles published in LSE.

Peer Leader Reflections on Promoting Discussion in Peer Group-Learning Sessions: Reflective and Practiced Advice through Collaborative Annual Peer-Advice Books

CBE—Life Sciences Education, Volume 19, Issue 1, March 01, 2020. <br/>

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by Gabriela Szteinberg

Conceptual Characterization of Threshold Concepts in Student Explanations of Evolution by Natural Selection and Effects of Item Context

CBE—Life Sciences Education, Volume 19, Issue 1, March 01, 2020. <br/>

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by Andreas Göransson