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Evolution of Distinct Responses to Low NAD+ Stress by Rewiring the Sir2 Deacetylase Network in Yeasts [Investigation]

Evolutionary adaptation increases the fitness of a species in its environment. It can occur through rewiring of gene regulatory networks, such that an organism responds appropriately to environmental changes. We investigated whether sirtuin deacetylases, which repress transcription and require NAD+ for activity, serve as transcriptional rewiring points that facilitate the evolution of potentially adaptive traits. If so, bringing genes under the control of sirtuins could enable organisms to mount appropriate responses to stresses that decrease...

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by Humphrey, K. M., Zhu, L.,...

Determinants of Replication-Fork Pausing at tRNA Genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [Investigation]

tRNA genes are widely studied sites of replication-fork pausing and genome instability in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. tRNAs are extremely highly transcribed and serve as constitutive condensin binding sites. tRNA transcription by RNA polymerase III has previously been identified as stimulating replication-fork pausing at tRNA genes, but the nature of the block to replication has not been incontrovertibly demonstrated. Here, we describe a systematic, genome-wide analysis of the contributions of candidates to replication-fork progression...

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by Yeung, R., Smith, D. J.

The Temporal Dynamics of Background Selection in Non-equilibrium Populations [Investigation]

Neutral genetic diversity across the genome is determined by the complex interplay of mutation, demographic history, and natural selection. While the direct action of natural selection is limited to functional loci across the genome, its impact can have effects on nearby neutral loci due to genetic linkage. These effects of selection at linked sites, referred to as genetic hitchhiking and background selection (BGS), are pervasive across natural populations. However, only recently has there been a...

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by Torres, R., Stetter, M. G.,...