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Estimation of Natural Selection and Allele Age from Time Series Allele Frequency Data Using a Novel Likelihood-Based Approach [Investigation]

Temporally spaced genetic data allow for more accurate inference of population genetic parameters and hypothesis testing on the recent action of natural selection. In this work, we develop a novel likelihood-based method for jointly estimating selection coefficient and allele age from time series data of allele frequencies. Our approach is based on a hidden Markov model where the underlying process is a Wright-Fisher diffusion conditioned to survive until the time of the most recent sample....

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by He, Z., Dai, X., Beaumont,...

Functional Divergence of Mammalian TFAP2a and TFAP2b Transcription Factors for Bidirectional Sleep Control [Investigation]

Sleep is a conserved behavioral state. Invertebrates typically show quiet sleep, whereas in mammals, sleep consists of periods of non-rapid-eye-movement sleep (NREMS) and REM sleep (REMS). We previously found that the transcription factor AP-2 promotes sleep in C. elegans and Drosophila. In mammals, several paralogous AP-2 transcription factors exist. Sleep-controlling genes are often conserved. However, little is known about how sleep genes evolved from controlling simpler types of sleep to govern complex mammalian sleep. Here,...

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by Hu, Y., Korovaichuk, A., Astiz,...

Genetic Architecture Modulates Diet Induced Hepatic mRNA and miRNA Expression Profiles in Diversity Outbred Mice [Investigation]

Genetic approaches in model organisms have consistently demonstrated that molecular traits such as gene expression are under genetic regulation, similar to clinical traits. The resulting expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) have revolutionized our understanding of genetic regulation and identified numerous candidate genes for clinically-relevant traits. More recently, these analyses have been extended to other molecular traits such as protein abundance, metabolite levels, and miRNA expression. Here we performed global hepatic eQTL and miRNA expression quantitative...

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by Que, E., James, K. L.,...