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Help us build the future: GSA’s 2019 Appeal Campaign

Earlier this year, we initiated our first-ever appeal campaign, with a goal to raise $250,00 from members. The funds raised by this effort will provide resources needed to sustain and grow GSA’s programs and initiatives, such as travel awards, early career programs, publishing innovations, and making conferences more inclusive. The appeal offers a mechanism for our professional community to give back—both to the field and to an organization that has positively impacted the lives and careers of thousands of scientists.

Read a message from the 2019 Annual Appeal Co-Chairs

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It’s been incredible to see such a strong response from leaders in the genetics community — rallying together to ensure GSA will have the resources needed to sustain and build upon its legacy. We are humbled by their generosity and know it will inspire the community to participate in this important effort.

Terry R. Magnuson, 2019 GSA President and Annual Appeal Co-Chair

Meet our Annual Appeal Committee

GSA is grateful to those who have not only helped by making a financial commitment to this effort but are also leading the initiative by serving on the Annual Appeal Committee.

Swathi Arur

Jef Boeke

Jay Dunlap

Marnie Halpern

Joe Heitman

Phil Hieter

Mark Johnston

Thomas Kaufman

Jeannie Lee

Jasper Rine

Terry Magnuson (GSA President)

Denise Montell (GSA Vice-President)

Thank you to our 2019 Appeal donors

GSA would like to thank our lead and major phase donors of the appeal as of October 3, 2019.

Diamond Level ($5,000+)

Anonymous (2)

Judith Berman

James Birchler

Jef Boeke

David Botstein

Lynn Cooley


Jeff Hall

Dan Hartl

Lee Hartwell

Phil Hieter

Mark Johnston


Massachusetts General Hospital Lab

Denise Montell

Terry Orr-Weaver

Allan Spradling

Fred Winston

Platinum Level ($2,500–$4,999)

Peter and Lucy Cherbas

Thomas Cline and Barbara Meyer

Anita Hopper


Robert Horvitz

Jeannie Lee

Terry Magnuson


Erika Matunis

Dennis McKearin

Gold Level ($1,000–$2,499)

Victor Ambros and Candy Lee

Swathi Arur

Fred Ausubel

Sharon Amacher and Jay Hollick

Cori Bargmann

Douglas Bishop

Meridith Blackwell

Pat Brown

John Carlson

Marian Carlson

Vicki Chandler

Kwang Wook Choi

Bill Dove

Jay Dunlap

Sarah Elgin

JoAnne Engebrecht

Stanley Fields


G.R. Fink

Margaret Tatnall Fuller

Joseph Gall

Mark Garfinkel

Susan Russo Gelbart

Pamela Geyer

Andrew Golden

Marian Goldsmith

David Greenstein

Mary Lou Guerinot

Marnie Halpern

Paul Hardin

Iswar Hariharan

Joe Heitman

Hopi Hoekstra

Sue Jinks-Robertson

Thom Kaufman

Nancy Keller

Justin Kumar

Charles Laird

Jennifer Lodge


Matt Meselson

John Merriam

Stephanie Mohr

Teresa Pawlowska

John Pringle

Elizabeth Raleigh

Jasper Rine

Rodney Rothstein

Matthew Sachs

Trudi Schupbach

Warren Shore

Piali Sengupta

Lorraine Symington and Bill Holloman

Kelly Tatchell

Jeremy Thorner

Mariana Wolfner

Chaoting Wu

Michael Young

Hong Yu

Silver Level ($500–$999)

Hugo Bellen

Deborah Bell-Pedersen

Philip Benfey

Joan Bennett

Kerry Bloom and Elaine Yeh

Kirsten Bomblies

Katherine Borkovich

Brian Calvi

Rachel Cox


Susan Gerbi

Louise Glass


Susan Gerbi

Jim Haber

Matthew Hahn

Scott Hawley

Bernadette and Charlie Holdener

Barbara Howlett


Mitzi Kuroda

Michael Lynch

Harmit Malik

T.D. Petes

Kristi Montooth

Stephen Schaeffer

Gary Stormo

Judith Yanowitz


GSA has achieved 88% of the minimum target goal of $250,000 and looks forward to exceeding this number by the end of the year.


If you would like to learn more about the 2019 Appeal Campaign, please contact Sarah Lombardi at