Early Career Scientist Communication and Outreach Subcommittee

The Communication and Outreach Subcommittee aims to bridge the communication gap between scientific disciplines, as well as between scientists and the public. Members work together to craft informative articles and projects, helping to make new discoveries more accessible among researchers and fostering society’s understanding and appreciation of science.

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  • Elisabeth Marnik (Husson University)
  • Stephanie Mohr (Harvard Medical School)


  • Draw connections between fundamental discoveries that have originated in the genetics community and show how they have contributed to advancements in science, medicine, and technology.

Initial Projects:

  • Create infographics and communication pieces describing transformative discoveries for a general audience.

Current Members:

Karyn Onyeneho


Headshot of Anna Drangowska-Way

Anna Drangowska-Way


Riley St. Clair


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GENETICS Peer Review Training Program

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