Community Resources

Community spirit is an important facet of GSA’s mission, and we encourage our members to practice excellent stewardship of community resources like model organism databases and knowledgebases.

Genetics and genomics help connect biological findings across the tree of life, and research organisms are a key piece of the puzzle. When working in flies, worms, maize, yeast, fish, frogs, and more, researchers benefit greatly from community resources like databases, knowledgebases, and stock centers. Unfortunately, funding for these community resources isn’t a given. Citing them appropriately any time you use them in the course of your research is hugely important in making the case for their support. Each database and knowledgebase has citation guidelines on its website; for example, the Gene Ontology Consortium requests citation of the original paper describing the resource and the most recent update whenever authors use GO to perform gene set enrichment analysis.

Check out the database(s) you use for instructions when preparing your next manuscript. We’ve collected a few below for easy access.

GENETICS is pleased to present the 2024 Knowledgebase and Database Resource issue, featuring nine model organism database (MOD) updates plus an update from TheCellVision.org.

Expertly curated data are critical to the efficient and successful application of model species as research tools. MODs—and the teams of dedicated curators who build and maintain them—are foundational to the work of many researchers in genetics and genomics. GENETICS is proud to play a role in bringing information about these tools to our community.

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