Frequently Asked Questions about the GSA and OUP Publishing Partnership

The Genetics Society of America (GSA) and Oxford University Press (OUP) are pleased to announce that OUP will publish the GSA journals GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics beginning January 2021.

This FAQ is intended to provide insight into this exciting partnership and to answer some of the questions our communities may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did GSA partner with a publisher?

What did the decision process involve?

Why did GSA choose OUP?

Did GSA sell GENETICS and G3?

What tasks will stay with GSA? What tasks will OUP handle?

What are the major changes?

Will the journals retain their editorial independence?

Will OUP make editorial decisions and direct editorial policies at GENETICS and G3?

Will GSA continue the high-quality standards of the journals?

Will I still receive my complimentary GSA member access to GENETICS?

Are the costs to publish in GENETICS and G3 changing?

Will GSA members continue to receive a discount on publishing costs? Who will set these prices in the future?

Will GSA continue to assist authors and readers in developing countries or with financial hardship?

Will the journal manuscript management and peer review systems remain the same?

Where will the journals be hosted online?

Will the migration to a new platform affect the citations to my paper? Will the DOI or URL change?

Will GENETICS be bundled with other journals sold by OUP? Will it become more difficult for libraries to purchase access?

What other journals does OUP publish?