Vision for Inclusive Conferences

This Vision for Inclusive Conferences has been prepared by the Genetics Society of America’s Equity and Inclusion Committee, which comprises members of GSA scientific communities supported by staff. It should serve to normalize and cultivate inclusion across all GSA conferences and to provide a foundational level of information from which to work. It will be updated to grow and change alongside us.

This vision seeks to create processes by which equity, accessibility, and inclusion are foregrounded at each step of conference planning alongside scientific content, education, and professional development. Just as we consider the budget impact of various decisions, we should also consider inclusion: What people or groups do specific policies or decisions exclude? Have we done everything we can to increase access? Are there places we can do more? What kind of environment and culture are we creating?

Download the Vision for Inclusive Conferences

Illustration depicting hands of varying skintones stacked in a pile on a teal background. Text reads Genetics Society of America Vision for Inclusive Conferences