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2022 Membership Fees

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$185 $360 $535 $175


$242 $474 $706 $232


$72 $134 $196 $62

Postdoc + National Postdoctoral Association1

$87 $164 N/A $84

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$48 $91 $134 $43

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$44 $83 $122 $39


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120% discount on total cost of joint GSA and NPA membership

2Individuals holding positions as teachers or faculty at K-12 schools, community colleges (CC), and Minority Serving Institutions (MSI). CC definition: non-profit Associate’s Colleges under the Carnegie Foundation classification. MSI List: US Department of Education.

3Any person who has been a Regular Member for the past five consecutive years and is fully retired.

Developing Country Membership

Complimentary membership is available to full-time residents of any country listed on the World Bank Low-income Country or United Nations Least Developed Country list. Please email society@genetics-gsa.org to request a Developing Country Membership.

Emeritus Membership

You are eligible for a free emeritus membership if you have been a Regular Member for the past five consecutive years and are fully retired. Emeritus status is automatically renewed each year. Please contact us if you wish to apply for emeritus status: society@genetics-gsa.org.