Conferences Committee

Steve Munger, Chair, The Jackson Laboratory

Arun Sethuraman, California State University San Marcos

Becky Burdine, Princeton University, Molecular Biology

Maitreya Dunham, University of Washington

Lex Flagel

Emily Josephs, Michigan State University

Mustafa Khokha, Yale University

Molly Matty, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

C. Brandon Ogbunu, Yale University

Cathy Savage-Dunn, Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Kailene Simon

Mariana Wolfner, Cornell University

Suzy Brown, Staff Liaison

Anne Marie Mahoney, Staff Liaison

The Conferences Committee identifies innovative or emerging topics that should be considered for new conference offerings and advises on guidelines related to GSA Conferences, such as Code of Conduct policy, public outreach to increase attendance, and speaker diversity. The committee will have a yearly call, or more, as needed. The president appoints a member to serve as Chair. New members are appointed by the Chair of the committee to serve a three-year term. The Committee is made up of GSA members that reflect current GSA conferences communities.