Conferences Committee

Michelle Arbeitman, Chair, Florida State University

Maureen Barr, Rutgers University

Theresa Gunn, McLaughlin Research Institute

David Lowry, Michigan State University

Matt Rockman, New York University

Arun Sethuraman, San Diego State University

Jason Stajich, University of California, Riverside

Jacob Steenwyck, University of California, Berkeley

Suzy Brown, Staff Liaison

Anne Marie Mahoney, Staff Liaison

The Conferences Committee advises the GSA Board, staff, and conference organizers on meeting offerings and new initiatives for GSA to provide a platform for researchers to share their latest findings, facilitate interdisciplinary discussions, increase community engagement, and advance the fields of genetics and genomics. The Committee may also be asked to identify innovative and emerging topics of potential interest, provide recommendations regarding the Conferences Code of Conduct, and may also help to spearhead conference fundraising efforts.