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The GSA Reporter and GENEtics were the former newsletters of the Society. For more recent news from the society, check out the e-News or the Genes to Genomes blog.

GSA Reporter

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Community Voices

In Memoriam: Lea Kanner Bleyman

GSA member Lea Kanner Bleyman died on November 6, 2020, three days short of her 84th birthday. Lea was a Professor Emerita in the Department of Natural Sciences at Baruch College and a past-President of the International Society of Protozoologists (now the International Society of Protistologists).  Lea was born in Halle, Germany on November 9, […]

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by Guest Author


GSA partners with the Personal Genetics Education Project for inclusive public engagement on genetics

The Genetics Society of America (GSA) and the Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd) of Harvard Medical School announce a new partnership to build public dialogue about genetic technologies. Their joint program aims to better equip scientists to engage in discussions about genetics with all communities, with special emphasis on those who have been marginalized, economically […]

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by Editorial Staff


CJ Neely: Taking time to find a career you love

In the Decoding Life series, we talk to geneticists with diverse career paths, tracing the many directions possible after research training. This series is brought to you by the GSA Early Career Scientist Career Development Subcommittee. CJ Neely is a certified career coach and Assistant Director of Career Education at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. She […]

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by Early Career Scientist Committees