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  • interviewees’ work
  • the importance of the scientific community
  • career

SNPets are hosted by 2022 GSA President E. Jane Hubbard, who created the project with the GSA Public Communication and Engagement Committee.

Miriam Lewin, producer; Jeff Lunden and Max Fine, editors; Sheila Gaffney, transcription assistant.

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photo of Denise Montell
Denise Montell on cracking a cold case in the lab

Featured SNPet

After finding the answer to a decades-old question in her Drosophila research, Denise Montell viewed it as an exciting but niche discovery. Then a serendipitous conversation at a conference with a colleague pointed to a fascinating connection between the finding in Montell’s lab and a conundrum in human cancer treatment.

Montell’s discovery was also featured in the April 2024 issue of Scientific American.

All Speakers and Episodes

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Speaker Research Organisms Science Scientific Community Further Thoughts

Martin Chalfie

“Trailblazer” Organisms With Big Implications Using Eyebrows as Tools The Community of “Worm” People ·

Why C. elegans Still Matters Surprises in Touch-Sensitivity Small World ·

· Mutations, Mutations, Mutations Science Works Like Fret ·

· The GFP Ah-Ha Moment · ·

· Curiosity as a Motivation · ·

· GFP Has Taken on a Life of Its Own · ·

Carol Greider Curiosity Is What Matters Getting Hooked on Telomeres Young Scientists Face a Paradox ·
Talking Science

Betting on a Telomere-Lengthening Enzyme

Science Is a Community ·

A Key Cross-Kingdom Experiment

· ·

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

· ·

Why Telomerase Matters

· ·

What Is “Normal” for Telomeres?

· ·
spacespacespacespace ·

Telomere Length: Chromosomes Rule

· ·


Tracy Johnson Yeast—the Organism and the Community Transcription, Splicing, and Surprises Pathways to Success ·
Splicing for Non-Scientists

Splicing and Chromatin

Science Doesn’t Happen Solo ·

Nutrient Availability and Splicing

Inclusivity and Science ·

Implications Beyond Yeast

The Rewards of Leadership ·

Denise Montell Research Organisms Matter Cell Movement and Human Cancer Finding Belonging Getting Hooked on the Lab Life
spacespacespacespace No Fly Zone

Cold Case, Part One

Fostering Curiosity When Cancer Is Personal


· Cold Case, Part Two · ·
· Cold Case to Hot Idea · ·
· Zinc, Blindness, and Beyond · ·

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E. Jane Hubbard

Join me and our genetics colleagues as they discuss the sometimes-twisty roads to their discoveries, how their research organisms made it all possible, and what the scientific community means to them.

E. Jane Hubbard, 2022 President of the GSA Board of Directors

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