Hear from inspiring minds in the field of genetics in GSA’s interview podcast series, designed to help you discover and share interesting perspectives—even when you only have five minutes to spare. We summarize their insights into bite-sized “SNPets.”

Topics include:

  • the value of research organisms
  • interviewees’ work
  • the importance of the scientific community
  • career

SNPets are hosted by 2022 GSA President E. Jane Hubbard, who created the project with the GSA Public Communication and Engagement Committee.

Miriam Lewin, producer; Jeff Lunden and Max Fine, editors; Sheila Gaffney, transcription assistant.

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Carol Greider B&W headshot
Carol Greider on curiosity-driven research

Featured SNPet

Carol Greider’s whole career has focused on telomere biology, culminating in a Nobel Prize for her discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase. But that momentous finding may never have come about if not for Greider’s curiosity-driven approach to research, which led to a cross-kingdom experiment using yeast and Tetrahymena.

E. Jane Hubbard

Join me and our genetics colleagues as they discuss the sometimes-twisty roads to their discoveries, how their research organisms made it all possible, and what the scientific community means to them.

E. Jane Hubbard, 2022 President of the GSA Board of Directors

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