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GSA Welcomes ECLP Editor-image

GSA Welcomes ECLP Editor

The GSA team welcomes Vincent Price, PhD, as the new Early Career Leadership Program Editor! Vincent is a talented editor with years of experience under his belt as a consultant and published author, alongside a...

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by Editorial Staff

For this human pathogen, agriculture may be a source of antifungal resistance-image
Science & Publishing

For this human pathogen, agriculture may be a source of antifungal resistance

Aspergillus fumigatus isolated from clinical settings is resistant to agricultural fungicides. Infections have long been a deadly problem for hospital patients. Though modern medicine has an impressive array of antimicrobial drugs at its disposal, pathogens...

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by Caroline Seydel

Early Career Scientist Leadership Spotlight—Daniel Baker-image
Community Voices

Early Career Scientist Leadership Spotlight—Daniel Baker

We’re taking time to get to know the members of the GSA’s Early Career Scientist Committees. Join us to learn more about our early career scientist advocates. Daniel Baker Multimedia Committee Perelman School of Medicine...

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by Early Career Scientist Committees