Featured Posters

These posters were originally selected by the relevant Community Program Committees for 2-minute “Poster Preview” talks in the Oral Presentation Sessions. Please note that because not all communities opted to have Poster Previews, this collection only includes C. elegans, PEQG, Yeast, and Zebrafish posters.

Complex Trait Adaptation »

Demographic Inference »

Development and Cell Biology (C. elegans) »

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion »

Gene Regulation (Yeast) »

Genomics, Gene Regulation, and Systems Biology (C. elegans) »

Germ Line (C. elegans) »

New Technologies and Resources (Zebrafish) »

New Technologies and their Impact (Yeast) »

System Biology of Yeast »

The Architectures of Complex Traits »

The Evolution of Gene Expression »

Through a Population Genetics Lens »