Early Career Scientist (ECS) Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the co-chairs of each subcommittee. They meet with the GSA Executive Director and members of the Board of Directors to discuss the direction of the Early Career Leadership Program, as well as share resources and establish collaborative projects between the subcommittees. The Steering Committee provides guidance to the Leadership Program subcommittees and facilitates projects, events, and proposals.

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Jennifer Gerton, Advisor, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Thomas Merritt, Advisor, Laurentian University

ECS Representatives to the GSA Board

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Abhinava Mishra

Co-Chair, Career Development Subcommittee

Alexandra McElwee-Adame

Co-Chair, Multimedia Subcommittee

Anvita Kulshrestha

Co-Chair, Community and Membership Engagement Subcommittee

Hassan Bukhari

Co-Chair, Multimedia Subcommitte

Jessie MacAlpine

Co-Chair, Communication and Outreach Subcommittee

Maddelyn Harden

Co-Chair, Policy and Advocacy Subcommittee

Pablo Augusto de Souza Fonseca

Co-Chair, Career Development Subcommittee

Pravrutha Raman

Sanjana Sundararajan

Co-Chair, Accessibility Subcommittee

Shreyasi Mukherjee

Sumitra Tatapudy

Co-chair, Communication and Outreach Subcommittee

Walid Mawass

Co-Chair, Community and Membership Engagement Subcommittee

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Early Career Leadership Program

Students, postdocs, and other early career scientists (ECS) are the future of the GSA community. To strengthen their voice in the Society, GSA developed the Early Career Leadership Program. This program provides rich opportunities for early career scientists to develop skills, gain experience, network, and produce concrete deliverables that demonstrate their abilities.

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GENETICS Peer Review Training Program

Peer-reviewers are vital to science, yet early career scientists in our field rarely receive formal training in how to be a good reviewer. GSA and GENETICS are addressing this gap with a program that gives early career members real-world peer review experience. Participants will receive online training, feedback, and will become reviewers for manuscripts submitted to GENETICS.

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